Anema Holland

Reliable, personal and fair prices. Everything you can expect from a real partner. We think along with you, deliver from stock and only supply high-quality products.

Who are you?

Are you an installer, concierge, farmer or contractor? Then we are looking for you and you may be glad you found us. We are a technical wholesaler and supply, among other things:

  • Lighting plans
  • Lighting (from fixtures to suspension systems)
  • Ventilation for stables (industrial and agricultural)
  • For livestock farms
  • Drinking bowls

Who are we?

We are known in the region when it comes to lighting, ventilation and drinking troughs. Don't know us yet? Then we would like to introduce ourselves. Anema Holland is a technical wholesaler. You can expect from a wholesaler that we have large stocks. We can therefore provide you with a diverse range and competitive prices. We supply top brands and are NSVV certified. Owner Douwe Anema ensures that an agreement is an agreement in order to maintain the reputation of the company.

Anema Holland

Personal contact, short lines & fair prices

Will you be one of our customers? Then you enjoy personal contact in addition to quality products. If we make an appointment, we will keep it. Also when it comes to delivery times and installation agreements for ventilation. What can we do for you?

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Working at Anema is a party every day. I make sure everything gets to the installers on time so they can do their job. Keeping our large stock in the warehouse organized is sometimes a challenge, but I always make sure it's finished before I go home.



We rely on Anema Holland for our lighting and accessories. Sometimes unexpected situations arise and we expect flexibility. Anema never disappoints us. If necessary, they deliver quickly from stock so that we can continue.